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vegan skincare, plant based skincare, Female CEO, Chantelle Davidson

female CEO, women owned business, vegan skincare, plant based skincare

Welcome to Tres Keikis, where we are dedicated to elevating skin health through the art of herbalism. Our mission is to assist you in addressing your skin concerns and enhancing your overall appearance using proven, time-honored natural therapies. At Tres Keikis, we meticulously source pure and sustainable plants, expertly formulating specific combinations to nourish and replenish your skin. Rest assured, your skin is in capable hands, and we are committed to ensuring it reaches its healthiest and most vibrant state.

Our journey at Tres Keikis is a unique blend of bridging the gap between the realms of natural medicines and the world of elegance and luxury. Dr. Chantelle Davidson, the visionary behind our brand, embarked on this path driven by a deep fascination with the historical use of plants in traditional herbal medicines. Her exploration into the powers of natural medicine, particularly through plant-made molecules, laid the foundation for our innovative approach.

Drawing upon her extensive background as a pharmacist, chemist, and formulator, Dr. Davidson harnesses her knowledge to craft potent products that offer both efficacy and a luxurious experience. Tres Keikis represents the culmination of a dream where luxury, pharmacy, and natural ingredients seamlessly converge, all supported by rigorous scientific evidence.

What sets us apart is our commitment to social and environmental consciousness. Driven by a desire to create a workplace that prioritizes employees' well-being, Chantelle Davidson ensures that every aspect of our process, from ingredient selection to harvesting practices, aligns with principles of integrity and environmental conscientiousness.

Join us on a journey of self-care and discovery, where Tres Keikis becomes your trusted partner in unveiling the radiant potential of your skin.



Our Philosophy:

Inclusivity: No two people are alike; neither is their skin. We formulate our products for all genders, ages, races and skin types. We promote inclusivity through representation in our media, our employees, and our charitable causes.

Positivity: Whether it’s the color of your skin, the age of your skin, or the perceived imperfections of your skin, we want to help you celebrate you. We believe everyone can have great skin, and we want to empower you to create the most beautiful version of you.

Clean: Our products are toxin free. We only use products that are safe for people, animals, and our planet Earth.

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Our Formula Fundamentals:

Research: Each formula begins with research. We begin with identifying the consumers’ needs and researching which molecules can aid with the target. Next, we research the safest and most environmentally friendly method to extract the desired molecule from the plant. We examine the companies that supply us these raw materials and ensure they too participate in free trade and clean manufacturing processes. From their inception to their actuality, we ensure our products are true to our philosophy every step of the way. Be entertained and more by our research into the amazing power of plants on our Plant Power Highlight Series. 

Results: Our formulas are tested on real people and produce real results. We leverage your skin’s natural properties to work in harmony with our key ingredients to enhance the look and health of your skin. 

Meet the founder: Chantelle