Bergamot Cedar Escape Candle

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Begin your Bergamot Cedar Escape with our transporting aromas. Your luxurious experience arrives by clearing the air and your mind with the clarifying herbal aromas and light citrus notes from this bergamot forward experience. Sink into the warmth of cashmere-soft cedar wood underpinnings accompanied by a hint of patchouli and eucalyptus. Reminisce and relax with the lingering musky base beautifully contrasted with sensual lavender and vetiver. Bergamot Cedar Escape will capture your imagination and lend an air of mystery in your home.

Inhale deeply and be assured that our candles are free from synthetic stabilizers and other harmful chemical benzenes. Our coconut wax base is sustainably sourced and entirely vegan. Our bamboo wick flickers like a tiny eco-friendly camp fire. The pops and crackles add to the hypotonic ambiance of the occasion, further relaxing you with each breath as your mind becomes non-distracted and drawn into the beauty of the flame.

The luxurious experience of Bergamot Cedar Escape may tempt you to enjoy her sparingly, but rest assured, our delicious 7 oz candle will provide you with over 50 hours of a rich aromatic experience. Live well and enjoy often.