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Eco Story


Our Eco Story 

At Tres Keikis, environmental impact is considered at every step of our product. From development, to production, to shipping, to post-consumption. 

Not only do we use 100% melt-down recyclable ♻️ glass containers for our product, we tirelessly research and select organic non-invasive sustainable plants 🌿 that will ultimately become our product 👩‍🔬. We use trusted organic vendors who practice 🌎 Earth saving farming, such as The Herbarie at StoneyHill or Mountain Rose Herbs. We use carbon negative Algae Ink for our discovery boxes, and sustainable tissue paper and shippers from  EncoEnclose, and we choose not to use adhesive in any of our boxes. 🙅🏾


Tres Keikis is proud to produce and ship your orders in ways that align with our eco values ♲. Our work at Tres Keikis is not done. We will continue to work towards our goals to further our environmental promise.

Our future goals include: Mycelium based package inserts🍄. Eco friendly retail boxes, free from PVC film and use of full color eco-friendly inks. Our biggest goal of all is to influence cosmetic manufacturing to produce plastic-free components.❣️

Tres Keikis will continue to donate a portion of its proceeds towards companies who are actively pushing the innovation of eco friendly manufacturing, packaging and shipping products.