Enchanted Mango Dream Candle

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Do you ever wonder if the beach misses you?

Close your eyes, breath deeply, and let Enchanted Mango Dream drench your consciousness in sunshine. Allow the waves of ripe peaches and coconut to wipe away your worries and put your mind at ease. Be still in the soft yet flirtatious fruit forward scent that brings a burst of summer to any room. Sit back and enjoy as the brown sugar base anchors your soul and allows it to drink in the sweet plant powered terpenes of Mango.

Inhale deeply and be assured that our candles are free from synthetic stabilizers and other harmful chemical benzenes. Our coconut wax base is sustainably sourced and entirely vegan. Our bamboo wick flickers like a tiny eco-friendly camp fire. The pops and crackles add to the hypotonic ambiance of the occasion, further relaxing you with each breath as your mind becomes non-distracted and drawn into the beauty of the flame.

The luxurious experience of Enchanted Mango Dream may tempt you to enjoy her sparingly, but rest assured, our delicious 7 oz candle will provide you with over 50 hours of a rich aromatic experience. Live well and enjoy often.