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Plant-Chemistry Works Better | Natural Skin Care

close up of female mouth with lavender plants next to it, casting a harsh shadow. Tres Keikis.

Plants are extraordinary chemists 

In our natural skincare: We have relentlessly researched plant-made molecules that: 

  • heal
  • revive
  • sustain healthy skin
  • vegan never using beeswax
  • Harnessing plant-phemistry for targeted results 
Tres Keikis sources organically grown plants. We thoughtfully choose species that are non-invasive, easy to grow, and therefore economically and environmentally sustainable. Eco-Friendly Natural Skincare that is healthy for you and the planet. Click here to see how we choose our products.  


Yellow Calendula flower placed next to eucalyptus with harsh shadows. Tres Keikis

Why plant-made molecules are better

Why do plants do it better? Plants can't run away from predators, they can't uproot themselves to spread their seeds. Instead, they have mastered chemistry, and with their miraculous molecules, (read this fun article about male flower over-compensation, HA!) they have learned how to make love and war. And we can take advantage of all of it when we 

Humans and plants have lived together & depended on each other for millions of years. Our body, our skin, speaks  (read this article proving the fact)  the  chemical language of plants. Their powerful molecules are what our skin was made for.

Rather watch then read? Check out our Plant Power series on YouTube

Brown skin clavicle with plant-made Tres Keikis oil dripping down in an artistic and seductive image


 We are unique because...

1. Unlike many companies, we don't just add plants to our formulas, our formulas are plants. We are 100% natural and 100% plant made. This is what Natural Skincare is supposed to be.

Plant-made actives
Plant-made waxes
Plant-made emulsifiers
Plant-made humectants 

    2.  We choose specific plants for specific actions. Many other companies create entire product lines centered around one plant. We are different. We know plants are not "one size fits all" when it comes to natural skincare. That is not herbalism. Every plant in our product has a purpose to achieve a result. Here are few examples: 

    • Witch Hazel → In: "Clarifying Tonic - Alcohol Free"  → pH balance & anti-inflammatory
    • Sea Buckthorn Oil → In: "Camellia Luxury Oil" → increases surface blood flow  
    • Rose Essential Oil → In: "Time Defying Hyaluronic Serum" → Contains retinoic acid to stimulate collagen production and cellular turnover
    • Calendula CO2 Extract → In: "Calendula Cleansing Melt" →  Promotes skin cell rejuvenation

     The top of a white rose with a blue background dripping red paint. Tres Keikis natural skincare


    For more information about each of our products and the #plantpower of each molecule click here. 


    All formulations are researched and created by Dr. Chantelle Davidson, Pharm. D. To learn more about her and how Tres Keikis got it's start, read here or watch here