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Dr. Chantelle Davidson, Pharm.D. Studied Pharmacy at Loma Linda School of Pharmacy. She has a background in Bio-Chemistry and has worked in the pharmaceutical space for nearly ten years.


Her passion for

A photograph of Dr. Chantelle Davidson natural medicines has led her down the path of extensive research into the science behind plant healing mechanism-of-actions everyday plants can have on our skin.


She is thrilled to combine her education with her passion about plant powers in her blog series, her YouTube series, as well as her skincare line. 

Where is this headed? 

Her goals for Tres Keikis are to provide natural plant healing products and education for us all to live a more holistic and balanced life. This includes making an impact with holistic and Earth friendly packaging. We would love to see Tres Keikis become an industry leader in plant sourced packaging as well as products. 

How it began? 

Tres Keikis is the culmination of several personal struggles and now a beautiful triumph. After Chantelle's husband tragically and suddenly passed away in 2016, Chantelle had an overwhelming sense of urgency to get working on her life goals. After all, life can be shorter than we all might think. Just a few short years later Covid-19 rocked the world; now the time was ripe to make the jump. To leave the safety of corporate life and leap head first into entrepreneurism and the gauntlet of running a small business. We are nothing without our customers. We are glad you are here. Welcome. 


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