Buyer Be Ware!

Don’t buy Vitamin C serums containing Hyaluronic Acid. It is not more bang for your buck, in fact there won't be a bang at all.

Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid specifically) and Hyaluronic Acid will neutralize each other when they are in the same solution and will be much less effective on your skin. 

Do: Use these two products in your skin care routine. Just do it separately.

Don’t: Buy products containing both of these ingredients. 

Why:  Because to be most active and stable both ingredients prefer different chemical environments from each other. 

What does this mean? : Formulators have to alter the active ingredients in order for them to be stable in the same bottle with each other. Resulting in weaker activity of both. Therefore for best results you need two separate products containing each ingredient.


Don’t be fooled by combination products promising you the world. You know that saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” This is true for many multi-ingredients skin care products. It is very important to know the basics of what ingredients complement each other and which ones straight up cancels each other out. 

Lets turn to the science:

In this original study here , researchers set out to discover formulator GOLD. Unfortunately their quest for the exact pH and concentration that Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid can coexist in the same formation together ended up the same as many gold miners at the turn of the century. Empty handed.

What these researchers found was that no matter the pH or the concentration of either active ingredient, they found each other in the solution and formed a chemical connection. Once this happened, neither ingredient would be active to work its’ wonders in the skin.


Vitamin C much prefers to hang out with other stronger acids, such as Vitamin E (tocopherol)  and Ferulic Acid, in a pH environment around 4. Those are three powerhouse ingredients who compliment each other and all like the same pH.

Hyaluronic acid prefers higher pH of at least 5. She plays well with other powerhouse ingredients like ceramides and retinols. All which would give a boost to its activity.

There you have it. Knowledge is power. Go forth and be powerful. 


Written by

Dr. Chantelle Davidson. Pharm.D


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