Are you looking for an effective natural scar treatment? 

Image of cesarian section scar, and natural treatment by Tres Keikis Natural Skincare

A quick google search or a stroll down the pharmacy isle will tell you that silicone based scar treatment is the way to go. In fact there is strong evidence that silicones reduce the thickness, redness, and flexibility of scar tissue. Read (This Study) (and this one) (and even this one).


However, the top ingredients are: 🤢 NOT NATURAL 

They actually work by disrupting your skin's natural processes in the scar tissue, essentially breaking it down. There are even warnings labels on some of these for dangers of prolonged use. 😳

    Is there an effective natural alternative? 

    Sure. There are a lot of natural treatments marketing out there, but what does the science say? Do they actually work? 

    Actually yes, there are a few studies that show some essential oils reduce the thickness, redness, and appearance of scars. (Here is one such study)

    As a formulator I would like to set out to make a natural effective scar treatment. I started working on one last week, and I'll update this blog post as I travel along this journey. ~ I have many scars from skin cancer, I will be the first test subject. 😉


    The theory....

    I extensively researched scar formation, the four stages, and what physiological process influences each stage. I am setting out to find natural plant extracts that influences those very stages in a supportive, healthy way. It would be much better for a persons skin to heal and a scar reduce its size through healing influences and not toxic degradation like silicone scar gels & sheets do.


    Check back for updates in the weeks to come.



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