Retinol is a popular anti-aging ingredient that speeds up skin cell turnover. While it has many benefits including reducing the severity an appearance of wrinkles.

Yes, you can treat wrinkles topically. Yes it really works. However like all medications, there are side effects and trade offs. Here is what is happening and then what you can do about it. 


You might have 'retinol burn'.

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Some people may experience what’s known as retinol burn or irritation when they first start using the product.

Symptoms of retinol burn include dry skin, painful irritation, redness, and flaking. It occurs when your skin is getting used to the effects of retinol, and may develop a bit of irritation contact dermatitis. It can also occur after using a product with a high concentration of retinol. 

To treat retinol burn, either rotate the day you use products that contain retinol, or use less of the product and add it to a soothing moisturizer in your hand then apply.

Keep the remainder of your skincare routine basic and gentle. Soothing botanicals and hearbalistic skin health products, like aloe vera or witch hazel that can help with burning and chafing. Typically your skin will adjust to the retinol treatment after 2-3 weeks as long as you are consistent. 

It’s important to call your dermatologist if you’re experiencing severe pain or have any questions about retinol burn. With the right treatment, your skin should return to its typical texture.

Another option is to use a natural retinol alternative and skip the fuss altogether while reaping all the benefits of newer younger looking skin. 

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