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Are you experiencing retinol burn?

Are you experiencing retinol burn?

Retinol burn, also known as retinol irritation, happens to some people when they start using retinol. It can cause dry skin, painful irritation, redness, and flaking. To treat it, stop...

Why Cold Weather 🥶 is bad for your skin 😳

The blog describes how exposure to cold temperatures can damage skin cells and disrupt the skin's natural barrier function. It explains that cold weather can cause vasoconstriction, reducing blood flow...
An artist rendering of a human face frozen in an ice cube. Tres Keikis Natural Skincare. Woman owned by chemist Chantelle Davidson
Why using Plants for Natural Skincare is a no-brainer. 🤯

Why using Plants for Natural Skincare is a no-brainer. 🤯

This blog post highlights the advantages of using plant-based ingredients in skincare products over single synthetic ingredients, exactly what Tres Keikis Skincare and Skinhealth sets out to accomplish. The benefits include...

Natural Niacinamide | 3 important Yes(s) 🤓

Niacinamide is all the buzz in skincare because it is an amazing yet simple additive.  Yes, its naturally derived 💚 Yes, it is a Vitamin = Vit. B3 🧡 Yes,... Read More
three gals jars filled with plants. Representing Tres Keikis niacinamide natural skincare blog post
A digital illustration of Three jars with plants in them. For Thres Keikis natural skincare and skin health made by CEO and founder Chantelle Davidson

Plant-Chemistry is BEST

Tres Keikis harnesses the science of plant-chemistry. Read more to find out how plants make chemicals better, why human bodies prefer plant-chemistry and how long has our species been up...

Skincare Secret 🤯 - Easy cure for dry skin

There is a skincare secret out there that most skin companies don't want to tell you. 🤯 When the humidity drops and your skin becomes irritated. Before you reach for...
A digital rendering of an oasis of cactus in the desert at golden hour. For. Tres Keikis Natural skincare and skin health blog by founder and CEO Chantelle Davidson
Tres Keikis Natural Skincare oil-oil cleanser dissolves makeup and sunscreen. Gentle on skin with natural surfactants. Moisturizing face wash. Calendula Cleansing Melt

Best types of hydrating cleansers - How to clean your face without drying it out

  Non-stripping oil based cleansers are by far the number one choice for removing makeup and oily-sunscreens without harming then natural lipids in your skin. 🙌🏽Keeping your face naturally moist... Read More

Have you wondered if Collagen Supplements work?

Collagen supplements work. This quick and easy explanation will tell you all you need to know. Find out more how and for what collagen supplementation works.
Have you wondered if Collagen Supplements work?
Treat Acne Naturally with Pumpkin

Treat Acne Naturally with Pumpkin

Pumpkin seed oil reduces and shrinks acne. Read how the plant power of pumpkin is not only an affordable natural treatment for acne, but it is eco-friendly too. The special...