Non-stripping oil based cleansers are by far the number one choice for removing makeup and oily-sunscreens without harming then natural lipids in your skin. 🙌🏽Keeping your face naturally moist and hydrated. 🥰


4 ways oil-in oil or oil-based cleansers different from traditional cleansers? 👀

  1. Take advantage of oil-dissolves-oil powers to remove oily products
  2. Can contain high levels of humectants to moisturize while cleaning 
  3. Don’t strip away your skin’s microbiome  
  4. Contain less surfactants

How Surfactants work: 

All cleansers contain some level of surfactant, which is the chemical complex that is responsible for attaching one end of itself to an oil molecule and another to a water molecule. This is how soaps grab onto to dirt and grim and then are able to wash away. 

Yellow oil cleanser rubbed under the eye with two fingers. Tres Keikis Natural Skincare


When to use traditional cleansers: 

Morning face washes are the perfect time to use a gentle light-weight traditional cleanser. A quick wash to remove any natural oil build up and bacterial bloom from your pillow case through the night. Remember, morning washes are only to remove what has built up over the evening. 

Tips to keep damage at bay:

  • Do wash in lukewarm water
  • Do was quickly, a good 5 second massage of the face will do the trick
  • Don’t scrub harshly, or natural oils deeper in the skin will be washed away as well 
  • Pat dry, don’t rub the towel abrasively which can introduce bacterial deeper into the skin cells. 

For the Perfect Oil-based cleanser:

Tres Keikis Natural Skincare has formulated a supple gentle, effective, oil cleanser. This plant made Calendula Cleansing Melt effortlessly dissolves makeup and sunscreen. Listen to my fun and interesting plant story about Calendula and her total world domination on our podcast: Kiss My Grass


Written by Dr. CHANTELLE DAVIDSON, Pharm.D

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