Well that all depends on what you mean “work”.  The short story is, YES collagen supplementation does work and have been scientifically proven to work for the following outcomes: 


        • Increased Skin Hydration 💦
        • Increased Skin Thickness 🏋🏼‍♀️
        • Faster Bone Regeneration🦴
        • Faster Wound Healing 🩹
        • More Lubricated Joints 🦾


So, what are you looking for? Let us start with collagen’s reputation for its anti-aging effects. Many people consume collagen in hopes of looking younger. If this is your inquiry as well, then you are in luck, because both skin hydration and skin thickness will improve to the overall look of your skin and decrease fine lines and wrinkles. Bam! Younger Looking You! 👊🏽 Click here and here to find to learn more about what science says with wrinkle reduction and collagen supplementation. 


{ If you want to cut straight to the chase and would rather be entertained while you watch me talk about collagen supplementation, click here. Tres Keikis You Tube 😉 } 



HOW do they work??? 

The most basic way to explain how collagen supplementation works to build more collagen in the skin is by a simple analogous comparison: growing plants with normal soil and water or growing plants with fertilizers? Of course the fertilizers make a difference! The plants will incorporate the added nutrients from the fertilizer to grow even bigger and stronger. The same is the theory for the skin. By consuming hydrolyzed collagen, you body will incorporate these macro-nutrients as bonus materials that our aging bodies just don’t make enough of as we get older. With the supplementation we will be able to grow skin as though we were younger. Here is how collagen is synthesized on a cellular level. And here is a scientific article written how hydrolyzed collagen supplementation works to grow more collagen. It uses these readily available nutrients to incorporate right into the collagen matrix.


What about bone regeneration? 


Again, this is basically the same mechanism as the skin analogy. One thing you might not have realized, is that our bones are constantly in a state of destruction and construction.  🚧🔨  Our bones are alive too, and each bone cell (osteoblast) cannot live forever. They are constantly dyeing and new ones are forming all the time. And just like our skin, as we age, we have less and less “building material” to help them grow strong. The ample amino acids from hydrolyzed collagen supplements have been shown to improve overall bone density in people as well as repair bone breaks faster and stronger than those without. Here is a cool study that proves this point in a bunch (#102) of postmenopausal women who were randomized to two groups, either collagen supplements or fake collagen supplements. The top of their femur bones were x-rayed and doctors measured the density. The femur is one of the strongest, densest, most slow growing bones in our body. They took either the real deal or the fake stuff every day for a year. At the end of the study, there was a huge difference in strength and density of the femur in the group that took the real supplementation. 🙌🏽


I think you have the point by now. 😜 Basically any part of our body that uses the macro-nutrients and amino acids found in hydrolyzed collagen will benefit from supplementation in the same manner that plants benefit from fertilizer. The older we are, the more pronounced those benefits are. This includes, joints, skin, hair, nails, blood vessels, blood cells, and the list goes on and on. 


Like most things in life. The key is consistency. 


Written By: 

Dr. Chantelle Davidson  

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