• Plants are amazing Chemists ⚗️ ~ They have to be for their survival (👀 this)
  • Our bodies speak the chemical language of plants 🌱~ we have to for our survival 

For millions of years, humans and plants have depended on each other for survival, humans more than plants. Plants evolved to make themselves more desirable to survive. They did this through their own plant-chemical making factories. Their chemical synthesis 🧪 is better than humans, because they have harnessed the use of enzymes. This is Tres Keikis Credo 

We share many of the same biological patterns in our cells, which allow us to benefit and gain from their wonderful molecules. Because our bodies "speak plant too". For example, lavender helps our skin absorb other chemicals through the dermis. (📖 here) 

  • Essential Vitamins and Fats ~ Needed for survival ~ 🌱 Made by plants
  • Medicines for healing ~ 🌻 made by plants 

[ Rather watch than read? 📽 ]  Learn more about the amazing power of plant made molecules in our super nerd - plant power highlights series on YouTube. 

[ Rather listen 🔊 than read} Listen to fun plant stories on our plant powered podcast : Kiss My Grass

 How Long Have Humans Been Using Plants as Medicine? 🙋‍♀️

Archeologists have evidence dating back 60,000 years ago in Iraq, of humans using plants for their healing properties. The oldest known pharmaceutical record was written into Sumerian clay tablets over 5,000 years ago, describing many herbal preparations and treatments. [study here ]

Modern Herbal Medicine - Herbalism 

Today, many conventional medical researchers are turning back to plants and their chemical manufacturing abilities to rediscover their healing potentials. 🩺 Often natural treatments outperform conventional treatments 🌱, see the scientific evidence of this with eczema treatment in our natural eczema treatments series on YouTube. 

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Written by: Dr. CHANTELLE DAVIDSON, Pharm. D

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