😱 When our skin is exposed to dryer and colder air we often turn to moisturizers to sooth out itchy cracking skin. But there is an even better and more effective skincare tool to add to your dry skin arsenal. 

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🚨 Skincare secret alert 🚨

One of the cheapest & easiest ways to treat dry itchy skin is to use a humidifier at night. 🤯 This helps even if you are deep under the blankets. A humid environment is proven to improve dry skin. 

Many studies have shown (read here and here) that applying a fine mist or even living in a humid climate improves skin hydration, maintains a healthy microbiome, and enhances overall skin function! 

❄️ Using a humidifier ❄️

  • Starting using nightly when the humidity drops below 40%
  • Place near the bed on a stable stand
  • Using standard tap water is okay
  • Leave a door open for air flow 
  • Clean the tank once a week with disinfectant to kill mold spores

💧Recommended Humidifiers  💧

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Written By Dr. Chantelle Davidson, Pharm. D


Author Bio: Chantelle holds a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from the University of Loma Linda. She also has a background in Biochemistry, Herbal Medicines, and Business. Her 10+ years working in the pharmaceutical industry has given her a unique perspective and hands on education with product formulation and plant based medicines. Learn more about Chantelle on her bio-page. 


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